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Maple Street Builders, Inc. is a general contracting company that can meet all your construction needs from the ground up.

Remodeling and new construction are the company’s specialties.

“Whether it’s putting in a foundation, building a custom home or finishing the interior trim in a bedroom, we can do it,” says George F. Davis, owner and operator of Maple Street Builders. “We can do a remodel. We can build a new home.”

Davis says he takes pride in developing a fluid and strong working relationship with his clients. Communication and flexibility, he says, are key components of his work ethic as a contractor in Grand County.

Some clients, he says, want Maple Street Builders to complete every aspect of a job. But others like to play a more active role in the construction process, completing portions of the jobs themselves or with the crew of Maple Street Builders.

“I’m open to the unique demands of each job,” he says. “I want the client to feel ownership in the process as well as the final product.”

The company, which was founded in 1989 in Grand County, takes advantage of Davis’s 42 years of construction experience in residential and light commercial applications.

“Maple Street Builders has a staff of four that works year-round with me,” Davis says. “Their experience and outstanding work ethic allows us to complete jobs on-budget and on-time.”

Maple Street Builders can do concrete work of all types, ranging from flat work, to foam blocks, to concrete blocks to concrete restoration.

Framing with lumber or metal studs for walls, roofs, decks and floors are all done by Maple Street Builders.

Complete construction of log homes and custom homes from excavation to final certificate of occupancy are also areas of special demand for Maple Street Builders.

With these larger projects Maple Street Builders has experience doing phased work where his crews complete initial tasks that are then finished by the homeowners.

The company also does exterior trim, replaces and installs doors and windows, roofing and interior trim.

Call Maple Street Builders and talk to George Davis today about how his company can make your construction experience enjoyable, on-time and on-budget.


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