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Showing attention to detail in exterior, interior trim

Exterior Trim

     For new homes and remodels, exterior trim is a critical element of the construction process.


     And Maple Street Builders can do exterior trim.

     “We can re-side an existing home or we can put siding on a new home,” says George Davis of Maple Street Builders. “And we can complete any other facet of exterior trim.”

     That includes soffits, fascia, siding with wood, log siding, concrete siding and steel siding.

     “We can wrap the exterior trim with metal to save on upkeep,” Davis says.

     Davis says that with his company’s extensive experience in the high country it understands what needs to be done so a house looks good on the outside while being able to withstand the harsh weather conditions in the mountains.

     “We want the house to look great and we want it to endure and withstand the challenging weather conditions of the mountains in Colorado,” Davis says.

     That means the right materials can be put in place using the best methods of application. Both assure the right look and the best durability.

Exterior Trim — another specialty of Maple Street Builders.

Interior Trim

     Attention to detail.

     Attention to taste.

     Attention to a clean, seamless finish.

     Those are the hallmarks of the work completed by Maple Street Builders on interior trim for a new home, a remodel or log home.

     “We have lots of experience trimming doors, windows, kitchen cabinets and wainscoting,” Davis says. “We also install stamped ceiling panels, shelving and we can build closet organizers.”

     Davis says that since these aspects of interior trim are the elements or construction that a homeowner sees day-in and day-out, he takes special care to make sure it looks perfect — and that it’s functional.

     “Many times the most lasting impression a homeowner will have relating to construction work is influenced by the interior trim,” Davis says. “We want that impression to be positive and lasting for our clients.”