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Loads of experience with log home construction

     Maple Street Builders knows and understands log home construction because the company has been involved in the construction of many log homes in Grand County.

     “We understand why people want the distinctive look of a log home, especially up here in the high country,” says George Davis. “We can help to make that distinctive log home a reality.”

    Maple Street Builders has completed all phases of log home work, ranging from merely getting a foundation ready for log home work to building and finishing the log home in its entirety.

     Maple Street knows the unique demands of a log home foundation or basement.

     Maple Street knows how to set the logs. Maple Street knows how to build the roof on a log home and the company can complete with confidence all the other aspects of finishing a log home, such as installing windows, doors and frames and finishing the interior walls.

     “We can move forward in finishing the log home or the homeowner can,” Davis says.

     No matter how far a homeowner wants to go with their log home — whether it’s building a new one, helping with the finish or repairing or remodeling an existing log home — Maple Street Builders has the experience to do the job right, on-time and on-budget.

Log home new construction, renovation or repair