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Maple Street can frame

     Framing is an important part of any construction job and Maple Street Builders understands why it’s so important.

     “We can frame most any construction or remodel project,” says George Davis of Maple Street Builders. “Whether it’s a repair or new construction, framing is something we understand and enjoy.”

     Framing can be completed on a variety of projects such as walls, roofs, decks, floors, homes, garages, barns and small commercial buildings.

     “Most any structure needs to be framed correctly and within code,” Davis says. “We know the code and we understand the engineering requirements that make framing last and endure.”

     If a framing project requires more technical engineering work then Maple Street Builders has access to architectural and engineering partners who can reassure a homeowner that the framing to be completed measures up to load requirement and structural stress.

     Rest assured. When it comes to any type of framing, whether it’s with wooden studs or metal studs, Maple Street can do the job.